Urban Democracy Lab at NYU/Gallatin

Dario Azzellini, They Can't Represent Us! "Occupy" in Global Context

A Conversation
Sponsored by the Urban Democracy Lab, North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA), Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS), and the Center for Artistic Activism
Mass protest movements in disparate places such as Spain, Greece, Argentina, and the United States ultimately share an agenda—to raise the question of what democracy should mean. These horizontalist movements, including Occupy, exercise and claim participatory democracy as the ground of revolutionary social change today. At this roundtable discussion, authors Marina Sitrin and Dario Azzellini will join fellow scholar-activists Susana Draper and Vicente Rubio to explore the assemblies, direct democracy forums, and organizational forms championed by the new movements.

The discussion will be moderated by Penny Lewis, Assistant Professor of Labor Studies at the Joseph S. Murphy Institute for Worker Education at the City University of New York.



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