“Worker Controlled Companies in Latin America”

LASP Weekly Seminar Series // by Dario Azzellini

Digitalization and marketization in live music

Limits of the platform economy

Online platforms have disrupted parts of the capitalist economy, with allegedly severe consequences in the world of work. This study examines live music in Germany and the UK, where online platforms do not dominate, despite considerable digitalization of market intermediaries. The analysis shows that, as the degree of digitalization increases, matching services tend to work less as a workers representative which is traditionally the case for live music agents and more as a force of marketization that disciplines workers by orchestrating price-based competition.

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The new Radical Urbanisms – a research exchange

The new Radical Urbanisms – a research exchange

Keynotes from:

_ Dario Azzellini, Sociology, Cornell University, USA
_ Brendan Murtagh, Planning, Queens University Belfast, UK
_ Colin Haslam, Management School, Queen Mary University of London, UK

Organised by Peter North and the Power, Space and Cultural Change Research Cluster, Department of Geography and Planning, University of Liverpool.

La révolution bolivarienne peutelle survivre à la crise au Venezuela?

Une des réalisations les plus importantes du gouvernement chaviste du Venezuela a peut-être été de créer un espace dans lequel la Révolution Bolivarienne a pu s’épanouir. Mais cette révolution peut-elle survivre à la crise actuelle?


From Economic Science Fictions to Labour as Commons - Conference

From Economic Science Fictions to Labour as Commons 

Alternative Organisations & Transformative Practices (AOTP) Research Cluster Conference

This conference seeks to bring the two parallel literatures of ‘economic science fictions’ and ‘labour as commons’ into dialogue by inviting contributors to submit papers that investigate and analyse how society can move away from this dystopian economic science fiction via the practice of the labour commons.


(NB these are working panel titles now, subject to change)


Can the Bolivarian revolution survive the Venezuelan crisis?

Creating the space for and allowing the Bolivarian Revolution to flourish is perhaps the most important achievement of Venezuela’s Chavista government — but can it survive the current crisis?


4-teiliger Dokumentarfilm: RiMaflow (Mailand), Officine Zero (Rom), Vio.Me (Thessaloniki) und Scop Ti (Gémenos/Marseille)

4-teiliger Dokumentarfilm: RiMaflow (Mailand), Officine Zero (Rom), Vio.Me (Thessaloniki) und Scop Ti (Gémenos/Marseille) (OmU)

D/A 2014-2018, 131 min, Regie: Dario Azzellini und Oliver Ressler


Dr. Dario Azzellini: Bridging the gap between academica, activism & filmmaking

“How do you neutralize a revolutionary?... you give him an office with air conditioning.” This was one of several humorous anecdotes that Dr. Azzellini shared with me during our interview. Dr. Azzellini’s eyes twinkled with amusement as he recounted this joke someone once told him. His incisive and dynamic way of thinking and conceptualizing ideas and connections increasingly became evident during our interview.


Thursday at FLEFF: Master Classes with Festival Guests

Thursday at FLEFF: Master Classes with Festival Guests: Join us for an afternoon of master classes with festival guest where they do shot-by-shot analysis of their work, describe their research or artistic process and challenges, talk about their careers, and probe how disruptions are essential to their work. 

14:35-15:50 Dr. Dario Azzellini, sociologist of labor and globalization and documentary filmmaker (director/producer of Occupy, Resist, Produce)

Moderated by Dr. Matt Holtmeier, English and Film Studies, EasternTennessee State University