King’s transnational Law Summit 2018

11 april / Economic & Environmental Justice / 11.50 – 13.05 / PARALLEL SESSIONS / Economic Justice (E5)

The Transformation of Work & Prospects of Labour Law / Moderated by Harry Arthurs, York University

Progressive democratic politics in general, and labour law specifically, face profound challenges today. Given that many workers support 'illiberal democracies', the question arises of whether capitalism will be more worker-friendly or less? Should initiatives to improve the lives of workers be built on a platform of universal ideals or grounded in the reality and specificity of local conditions? Should labour law seek to control the pace of technological change and to mitigate its negative effects on workers? Finally, with AI trumpeting the 'end of work', and the transmogrification of the 'working class' into the 'middle class', are concepts such as 'worker' or 'labour' becoming increasing obsolete?

Speakers: Ulrich Mückenberger, University of Bremen / Kevin Banks, Queen’s University, Ontario / Katherine Stone, University of California, Los Angeles / Sara Slinn, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University / Mark Barenberg, Columbia University

12 april / FILM AWARDS  / 18.45 – 20.30  

Transnational Justice Film Competition: Celebrating Resistance, Love and Empowerment in an Era of Globalisation 

Moderated by Dario Azzelini, ILR School, Cornell University & Helen Hughes, University of Surrey

Bush House, King's College London | 30 Aldwych, London WC2B 4BG | London | UK