A 4-channel video installation by Dario Azzellini and Oliver Ressler

Within the framework of the exhibition

„CONSTRUCTING THE WORLD: ART AND ECONOMY 1919-1939 AND 2008-2018: … this topical exhibition is the first to illustrate the economy’s dramatic influence on art and to make global comparisons, demonstrating these in an analysis of two separate eras“

Presents itself:

Occupy, Resist, Produce

A 4-channel video installation by Dario Azzellini and Oliver Ressler, 131 min. (combined), 2014 – 2018

Occupy, Resist, Produce - Scop Ti

Occupy, Resist, Produce - Scop Ti

Scop Ti is located in Gémenos, a small town near Marseille, in southern France. The plant was previously owned by Lipton, a subsidiary of Unilever. It used to produce herbal and fruit tea, as well as the 120-year-old local black tea brand Thé de l’Éléphant. In September 2010, Unilever decided to relocate production and the machines to Poland, closing the plant and putting 182 people out of their jobs. The workers, supported by the CGT union, immediately occupied their workplace. Initially, all 182 workers participated in the occupation; after three years, 76 remained active.

Dario Azzellini in: Council Democracy. Towards a Democratic Socialist Politics

"The Legacy of Workers’ Councils in Contemporary Social Movements"

„The return to public assemblies and direct democratic methods in the wave of the global "squares movements" since 2011 has rejuvenated interest in forms of council organisation and action. The European council movements, which developed in the immediate post-First World War era, were the most impressive of a number of attempts to develop workers’ councils throughout the twentieth century. However, in spite of the recent challenges to liberal democracy, the question of council democracy has so far been neglected within democratic theory.

Labour as a Commons: The Example of Worker-Recuperated Companies

This article argues that labour can be understood as a commons, located in the discussion of how commons can advance the transformation of social relations and society. To manage labour as a commons entails a shift away from the perception of labour power as the object of capital’s value practices, towards a notion of labour power as a collectively and sustainably managed resource for the benefit of society.

Dario Azzellini at the Asia Europe People's Forum

The case for commons and social commons

What are commons? Who can develop commons? Is commoning based on harmony?

Book Review

Living on the Margins: Undocumented Migrants in a Global City by Alice Bloch and Sonia McKay

"The book offers interesting insight into the everyday life of undocumented migrants without portraying them as helpless victims. Ample quotations from the interviews underline their agency and the complex and contradictory conditions they experience in the ethnic enclaves they are forced to rely on. Bloch and McKay shed light on the circumstances, motivations, and conditions of ethnic enclave employers, who, in most of the literature on undocumented migration, are not a subject of research.

Yunanistan'dan Occupy'a Demokrasinin Yeniden İnşası

Bizi Temsil Edemezler!

Bizi Temsil Edemezler!

David Harvey'in önsözünü yazdığı bu çalışma, Yunanistan, Türkiye, Arjantin ve ABD gibi farklı lokasyonlarda, kitlesel protesto hareketleri nihayetinde demokrasinin ne anlama gelmesi gerektiği sorusunu gündeme getiriyor. Occupy da dâhil olmak üzere bu yatay hareketler, devrimci sosyal değişimin temeli olarak katılımcı demokrasiyi uygulama rolünü üstlenmekte ve bunu talep etmekte.

Dario Azzellini'yle Latin Amerika'da solun ufku:

Meclisler, konseyler, komünler

Dario Azzellini in: Latin American Utopias: Past and Present, Edited by Juan Pro

“The Commune in Venezuela: A Utopian Prefiguration”

In an age in which fears about the future predominate (in the form of dystopias, ecological catastrophes and terrifying Sci-Fi scenarios), utopia is reappearing as the bearer of hope for the fate of humanity. Latin America has historically been a fertile ground where utopian projects, movements and experiments could take root and thrive, and this constitutes one of the region's major contributions to world history.

Dario Azzellini em: Movimentos Sociais e Crises contemporâneas, Vol. 3, Editado por Alves de Lima Filho, Paulo; Tahan Novaes; Henrique; Macedo, Rogério

“Toma de empresas y gestión bajo control obrero en Europa como respuesta a la crisis”

„Poderíamos dizer que este volume trata dos processos de transformação social sob o capital, contra ou a favor dele, das suas transições socioeconômicas no sentido da emancipação da classe trabalhadora quanto do capital, neste quadrante histórico de reversões conexas e complexas. A captura desses três ricos processos se dá em grande estilo, possibilitando ao leitor e alunos uma rica e apaixonante leitura de tão vitais processos.