COVID-19 महामारी और वर्ग संघर्ष

COVID-19 महामारी और वर्ग संघर्ष

डारियो एज़ेलिनी द्वारा, ज़ाकाटेकस के स्वायत्त विश्वविद्यालय, मेक्सिको

Пандемия COVID-19 и классовая борьба

Пандемия COVID-19

Дарио Аселини, Независимый университет Сакатекас, Мексика

A pandemia da COVID-19 e a luta de classes

A pandemia da COVID-19

por Dario Azzellini, Universidade Autônoma de Zacatecas, México



Dario Azzellini,Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas,墨西哥

在資本主義的危機下,原有的社會不平等變得越加嚴重,而新冠肺 炎的肆虐也使得這個現象變本加 厲。相較於2019年,2020年的前九個月勞工 收入大約減少了10.7%(約等於三兆五千億 美金);於此同時,超過兩千兩百位億萬富翁 的總資產額從2019年的九兆五千億美金上 升至隔年的十一兆四千億美金。全球各地的 研究皆顯示貧窮和勞動階級人口的COVID 感染率和住院率較高,其中黑人、原住民以及 特定種族的勞動階級更有顯著的染疫率以及 死亡率

> 疫情所致的抗爭

這段期間工人階級發起了各種抗爭,有 些因疫情而起,有些則與其沒有太大的關聯。因為疫情而日益漸增的壓力和染疫風險,使一些受影響層面較廣的行業開始出現各種遊 行抗議和罷工示威活動,特別是低收入和工 作環境較差的職業。例如:醫療保健工作、護 士、倉儲業、郵購業務、後勤工作、大眾運輸業 和食品製造業中的肉製食品及農產品業者。

Global Dialogue, GD 12.1 - April 2022


Universities and science are undergoing far-reaching changes as a result of their marketization or quasi-marketization under neoliberal governance. In this issue of Global Dialogue we take up this topic in our section ‘Talking Sociology.’ Jill Blackmore has been studying the profound restructuring experienced by Australian universities over the last decades. In this interview she elaborates on these restructurings, the forces that drove them, and the effects they have on academic knowledge production and epistemic justice.

Talk at the Asia-Europe People’s Forum and transform! conference "Our Common Social Future," Barcelona, June 8-10, 2018 - 10 juni 2018

Commons and Conflict

Today, everyone is speaking about commons and ‘commoning’, everyone wants to build commons. The World Bank has a group which is supposedly ‘protecting and improving the global commons’ and it reaches out to the private sector to ‘advance common goods’. You can find texts on commons on the website of the European Union, banks organize seminars on the commons. Transnational companies tell us they are building the commons, big magazines declare that Uber is commoning cars, and that the “sharing economy” is a form of commoning.

Dario Azzellini at "Our common social future: Commoning and sharing for society, the environment and the economy. A program for a democratic, participatory and transformative social protection". Asia-Europe People's Forum, Barcelona, Catalonia, June 8-10, 2018

The case for commons and social commons

What are commons? Who can develop commons? Is commoning based on harmony?