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Commons as Political Project: Commons and Just Transition in Our Times

Webinar / 30.06.20 

Commons as Political Project: Commons and Just Transition in Our Times

The transform! europe Commons Working Group at the World Social Forum of Transformative Economies (Transformadora).

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The Commons vs "normality". Global Capitalism, Commodity Chains and Migration after Covid-19

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Dario Azzellini at the Asia Europe People's Forum

The case for commons and social commons

What are commons? Who can develop commons? Is commoning based on harmony?

Betriebsbesetzungen und Arbeiten in Selbstverwaltung

Vom Protest zum sozialen Prozess

Vom Protest zum sozialen Prozess

Betriebsbesetzungen mit dem Ziel der Produktion in Selbstverwaltung sind seit der Jahrtausend­wende aus Lateinamerika, vor allem aus Argentinien, bekannt. Im Laufe der aktuellen Krise haben Beschäftigte auch in Europa und Nordamerika erfolgreich Besetzungen von Betrieben durchgeführt, die von der Schließung bedroht waren.

Talk at the Asia-Europe People’s Forum and transform! conference "Our Common Social Future," Barcelona, June 8-10, 2018 - 10 juni 2018

Commons and Conflict

Today, everyone is speaking about commons and ‘commoning’, everyone wants to build commons. The World Bank has a group which is supposedly ‘protecting and improving the global commons’ and it reaches out to the private sector to ‘advance common goods’. You can find texts on commons on the website of the European Union, banks organize seminars on the commons. Transnational companies tell us they are building the commons, big magazines declare that Uber is commoning cars, and that the “sharing economy” is a form of commoning.

El movimiento comunero en Venezuela

Construyendo utopías concretas

En el transcurso de la historia las utopías han jugado un papel importante en la construcción de alternativas sociales. En este artículo se analiza al mecanismo de autogobierno local venezolano de las comunas como prefiguración utópica o como “utopía concreta”. Se discuten diferentes conceptos marxistas y emancipadores de utopía conectándolos con el pensamiento latinoamericano, para demostrar cómo la prefiguración utópica es de considerar necesaria en los procesos de lucha revolucionaria.

Labour as a Commons: The Example of Worker-Recuperated Companies

This article argues that labour can be understood as a commons, located in the discussion of how commons can advance the transformation of social relations and society. To manage labour as a commons entails a shift away from the perception of labour power as the object of capital’s value practices, towards a notion of labour power as a collectively and sustainably managed resource for the benefit of society.