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Commons and Conflict

Today, everyone is speaking about commons and ‘commoning’, everyone wants to build commons. The World Bank has a group which is supposedly ‘protecting and improving the global commons’ and it reaches out to the private sector to ‘advance common goods’. You can find texts on commons on the website of the European Union, banks organize seminars on the commons. Transnational companies tell us they are building the commons, big magazines declare that Uber is commoning cars, and that the “sharing economy” is a form of commoning.

Is democracy working?

The term democracy is generally used as a synonym for liberal democracy, which is far from being the only possible form of democracy; indeed, it is even questionable whether liberal democracy was ever intended to be truly democratic. For centuries, liberals and democrats have been fierce opponents. Liberals only accepted democracy when it was limited to the political sphere, excluding it from the economic and social sphere. Liberal democracy became the new form of governance of the emerging production model (industrial capitalism).

Constituent and Constituted Power: Reading Social Transformation in Latin America

Popular Sovereignty and Constituent Power in Latin America.

Democracy from Below.

Globale urbane Proteste, Betriebsbesetzungen zur Produktion unter Arbeiterkontrolle und lokale Selbstverwaltung

„This is a process not a protest“

Die Verbindungen und Gemeinsamkeiten zwischen den verschiedenen Protestbewegungen
seit Beginn der aktuellen Krise 2008 von Tunesien und Island
über die weltweiten Platzbesetzungen bis zu den aktuellen französischen
Protesten wurden von zahlreichen Autor_innen herausgestellt (Arenas 2014,
Castañeda 2012, Castells 2012, Cossar-Gilbert 2016, Mason 2013, Roos/
Oikonomakis 2014, Sitrin/Azzellini 2014). Die Bewegungen entstehen in
einer Krise der Repräsentation und teilen die Kritik – ob in autoritären
Regimen oder repräsentativen Demokratien – an der Repräsentation. Sie

Economic Update with Richard Wolff, democracy at work

Economic Update: Trump Explained

Economic Update is a weekly program hosted by Richard D. Wolff and is played on over 60 stations nationwide. Wolff takes complex economic issues and empowers listeners with information to analyze their own financial situation as well as the economy at large. By focusing on the economic dimensions of everyday life - wages, jobs, taxes, debts, and profits - the program explores alternative ways to organize markets and government policies.

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Labour as a Commons: The Example of Worker-Recuperated Companies

This article argues that labour can be understood as a commons, located in the discussion of how commons can advance the transformation of social relations and society. To manage labour as a commons entails a shift away from the perception of labour power as the object of capital’s value practices, towards a notion of labour power as a collectively and sustainably managed resource for the benefit of society.

"La democracia no puede ser democracia si es cosmopolita"

NAHIMEN, Teoria eta Estrategia 2016/I

La Autonomía Comunal exige un desarrollo en todos los ámbitos productivos. El pensamiento es uno de esos ámbitos. Sin embargo, las facultades especializadas y los centros de investigación al servicio del Capital y los Estados, lo tienen bajo llave. Nahimen es un proyecto que apuesta por una estrategia de colectivización del pensamiento, por la reapropiación popular autónoma de ese espacio productivo. Nuestra revista quiere ser una herramienta más para ese fin: para contribuir a en que Euskal Herria se llegue a constituir el poder popular autónomo.

In: Moving Beyond Capitalism

The Communal State (Venezuela): Communal Councils and Workplace Democracy

Azzellini, Dario (2016): “The Communal State (Venezuela): Communal Councils and Workplace Democracy”. In: DuRand, Cliff (Editor): Moving Beyond Capitalism. New York: Routledge.

Das Fenster zu gesellschaftlicher Veränderung hat sich in Griechenland und Spanien wieder geschlossen

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Athens Biennale 2015-2017 "OMONOIA": Introducing a laboratory for production post-2011