Occupy, Resist, Produce. Screening and Discussion with Oliver Ressler and Gerald Raunig

In their series of films and installations “Occupy, Resist, Produce”, Dario Azzellini and Oliver Ressler focus on the occupation and recuperation of factories in Europe as a deliberate step towards workers’ control. In the three exemplary factories in Milan, Rome and Thessaloniki the workers took the initiative and became protagonists, building horizontal social relations on the production sites and adopting mechanisms of collective decision-making. The recuperated workplaces reinvented themselves, building links with local communities and social movements, and thus became components of a socio-political action rather than a merely economic procedure.

Screening with Spanish subtitles, discussion in English.



Lugar de celebración:
La Casa Invisible | Calle Nosquera, 11 | 29008 Málaga | Spanien