Oliver Ressler & Dario Azzellini - Comuna Under Construction

'Comuna Under Construction' is an ethnography of self-organisation, a film which as part of a series of collaborations the artist Oliver Ressler carried out with Azzellini, takes a look at the everyday experiences of ordinary Venezuelan people. Since the initiation of a rhizomatic system of self-organizing - citizens come together to discuss local issues through a network of committees and subcommittees which empower people to initiate local development projects. There are now thousands of these groups, and we are shown a number of examples, tracing the system at different scales, as well as in both urban and rural environments.

Vibrant meetings comprise much of the film, which edits from hundreds of hours of actual conversations between involved parties. There is no narration, with the filmmakers here simply interested in enabling subjects to speak for themselves, and in so doing, showing what is possible when through a mix of advocacy and experimentation, people are encouraged and supported to work together.

(Running time - 94 minutes)

Lugar de celebración:
a.m - All Hallows Church (Entrance through double doors in public gardens) | 10 Copperfield Street | Southwark, London SE1 0EL | GB