Dario Azzellini and Oliver Ressler at the Nottingham Contemporary

The Geopolitical Turn - Art and the Contest of Globalisation

What are the reference points for contemporary art in a global economy that creates enormous wealth as well as widening inequality. Our opening conference explores the many strategies artists use to reveal the processes and human consequences of the globalised market economy. Introduced by the exhibition’s co-curator T.J. Demos – writer, curator and lecturer at University College, London – the conference includes artists George Osodi, Ursula Biemann, Dario Azzellini, Oliver Ressler and Bureau d’Études.

Other speakers include Alfredo Cramerotti, author of Aesthetic Journalism and co-curator of the next Manifesta exhibition; Angus Cameron, the official “emissary” of artists Goldin+Senneby and a lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Leicester; Janna Graham, artist and curator; The University of Nottingham’s Alex Vasudevan and Mark Fisher, author of Capitalist Realism; Is There No Alterative? Together they will examine the challenges of representing globalisation, and what’s at stake when artists engage with geopolitical issues.

Listen to the conference by Oliver Ressler and Dario Azzellini and the discussion with Sara Motta an the audience.

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