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The Presidential Elections in Venzuela

Historical Materialism 2012
Ninth Annual Conference (8-11 November, SOAS, London)

Weighs Like a Nightmare
Sunday 12.00-13.45  Room G50

2012 Venezuelan Elections and the Future of the Bolivarian Process

Chair: Jeffery Webber

Dario Azzellini – The Presidential Elections in Venzuela

Stephanie Pearce – Hugo Chávez’s Presidency and Anti-Imperialist Struggle in Latin America & the Caribbean

Sara Motta – The Women of the Bolivarian Revolution: Creating Voice and Strategic Silence


"Private military contractors and mercenaries: The privatization of war in Latin America"

Intercontinental Conference

'Peace, Disarmament and Social - Alternatives to Global NATO'

Agenda - Deutsche Welle in English

Dario Azzellini about Venezuelan presidential elections

In this edition Chavez celebrates victory but where does Venezuela go from here? Currency woes trigger unrest in Iran but is the regime threatened? And two billion over 60s by 2050, is the world ready?
Chavez Victory - Socialist Revolution Rolling On?

Guest: Dario Azzellini, Political Scientist, University of Linz, Austria


Forum on Venezuela's 2012 Presidential Election



Occupying Language: A Conversation with Marina Sitrin and Dario Azzellini

An Invitation to a Global Conversation
(Excerpt from the introduction)

    Occupying Language is an open conversation. Through it, we invite you to join us to explore insurgent movements that have been organizing in Latin America over the past twenty years, and to connect key concepts and language from those struggles with what is new and beautiful in the social relations being created by people’s movements in the United States today.


Marina Sitrin and Dario Azzellini present "Occupying Language"

An Invitation to a Global Conversation
(Excerpt from the introduction)

Conference in Chicago, USA, 24.3.2011

Communal socialism in Venezuela

Videos of the conference with Dario Azzellini about communal socialism in Venezuela hold at the Consulate of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela of Chicago, on March the 24th 2011.

This event was the occasion to watch Comuna under construction (94 min., 2011), a film about local self government in Venezuela by Dario Azzellini & Oliver Ressler, followed by a discussion in English/Spanish in presence of the co-director Dario Azzellini and by the book presentation of El negocio de la guerra about Private Military Contractors an paramilitaries around the globe.

Pace University, NYC, USA - march 17th, 11:39 min

Dario Azzellini about Venezuela - Left Forum 2012

Panel: Social Movements, the State and the Question of Autonomy


"In, Against and Beyond the State" - Social Movements & Autonomy in Venezuela and Argentina

I have the pleasure to invite you to assist to

Social Movements & Autonomy in Venezuela and Argentina:

"In, Against and Beyond the State"

Occupying Language

Occupying Language

While the global Occupy movement is widely seen as unprecedented, its language and organizing practices are shaped and inspired by diverse historical precedents in the United States and around the world. Sitrin and Azzellini introduce the reader to the theory and practices of the movement and explore linkages and connections toward the dream of a common language of struggle, justice, democracy and liberation.

Workers’ Control

“Ours to Master and to Own - Workers’ Control from the Commune to the Present” edited by Immanuel Ness and Dario Azzellini

This excellent series of essays is essential reading for anti-capitalist activists and all those who know that we do not need our bosses.



TheCube Project Space is proud to present the third installment of the thematic exhibition Re-envisioning Society, featuring /Venezuela From Below/ with artists Oliver Ressler (Austria) and Dario Azzellini (Germany/Venezuela). This curatorial project aims at manifesting and reflecting on the characteristics of contemporary life, as well as individual or collective life experiences and their changes, in order to construct a new vision and imagination of the contemporary society we


Left Forum 2012

16.3.-18.3.2012, New York City, USA

Video of the Book Event for "Ours to Master and to Own", June 2011 - 1h18min

Book Event for "Ours to Master and to Own. Worker Control: From the Commune to the Present" - By Immanuel Ness & Dario Azzellini (Eds) hold in June, the 23rd 2011 at the Brooklyn College Graduate Center (CUNY) USA

With: Immanuel Ness

[Richard Müller: Der Mann hinter der Novemberrevolution]

Richard Müller: The Man behind the November Revolution

Richard Müller. The Man behind the November Revolution is the title of the
seventh volume of the hardcover book series History of Communism and Leftist
Socialism, edited by Berlin-based Dietz publishers. But who was Richard
Müller? Never heard of him? Today widely unknown, Müller was the leader of
the so-called Revolutionary Shop Stewards in the early twentieth century in
Germany. “From 1916 to 1921, Müller was without any doubt among the
politically most influential personalities in the German labor movement” (216).

May Day: The Secret Rendezvous with History and the Present

May Day: The Secret Rendezvous with History and the Present

May Day: The Secret Rendezvous with History and the Present

Zuccotti Park Press (Occupied Media Pamphlet Series)
Marina Sitrin & Dario Azzellini


eighth historical materialism annual conference

eighth historical materialism annual conference

Spaces of Capital, Moments of Struggle

The ongoing popular uprisings in the Arab world, alongside intimations of a resurgence in workers' struggles against 'austerity' in the North and myriad forms of resistance against exploitation and dispossession across the globe make it imperative for Marxists and leftists to reflect critically on the meaning of
collective anticapitalist action in the present.
Over the past decade, many Marxist concepts and debates have come in from the cold. The anticapitalist movement generated a widely circulating
critique of capitalist modes of international 'development'. More recently, the economic crisis that began in 2008 has led to mainstream-recognition of Marx as an analyst of capital.
The eighth annual Historical Materialism conference will strive to take stock of these shifts in the intellectual landscape of the Left in the context of the
social and political struggles of the present.


Ours to Master and to Own: Worker Control from the Commune to the Present

Book talk  with Dario Azzellini and Immanuel Ness


Comuna under construction in Kraków

Comuna under construction is shown in Kraków/Poland as part of Oliver Ressler's exhibition:


Comuna under contruction & 5 Factories (DK)

Screening and discussion with the presence of co-director Oliver Ressler

15.00: “Comuna Under Construction”, 94 min., 2010 (with Dario Azzellini).
17.00: “5 Factories–Worker Control in Venezuela”, 81 min., 2006 (with Dario Azzellini).

As part of a wider range of activities, exhibitions and presentations by Oliver Ressler in Copenhagen.