ALLIED GROUNDS · BG 2023 Project

ALLIED GROUNDS · BG 2023 Project · Text Series, Conference, and More

With annual projects such as “Water Knowledge” (2009), “More World” (2019), and “After Extractivism” (2022), the Berliner Gazette began to explore various questions of political ecology, linking issues of environmental pollution, resource commodification, and climate collapse to the toxically intertwined and mutually fueling economic and ecological crises caused by imperialism and capitalism.

Approaching this inquiry from a new, fresh angle, “Allied Grounds” – the BG 2023 project – intends to revisit and further explore so-called “sacrifice zones” and “transition countries,” zoom in on struggles for labor and environmental justice, and, ultimately, probe the organizational practices and potentialities of these very struggles.


Central to the exploratory nature of the Allied Grounds project is a series of texts. Reflecting the politics and possibilities of internationalism, commons, and (re)organization, all of the inquiries are linked by a common concern: To research and construct connections between environmental and labor struggles.

The overarching question of the project is: Since the means of production have become the means of climate production, how can we – all kinds of exploited workers around the world – seize these very means and address both the eco-social and decolonial question of the climate crisis?

Read more about the concept in the introductory outline “Common Labor Struggles? The Eco-Social and Decolonial Question of Climate Crisis.”


Engaging researchers, activists, and cultural workers in a variety of forms and encounters, we will be co-producing knowledge resources in different media formats.

I will be participating in the workshop "Working-Class Environmentalism." I hope to see you there!

My text contribution:

Optimizing or Abolishing Capitalism? Sustainable Work and Just Transition Instead of Work Society and Climate Catastrophe

deutsche Version:


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