Society of Latin American Studies (SLAS), 46th Annual Conference

Entre otros el panel con mi participación
Organizado por: Thomas Muhr (University of Bristol):


This panel is based on a joint book project that seeks to bring together theory, method, and practices of the Bolivarian Revolution. In contrast to much of the literature on the revolutionary project, the presentations on this panel are based on extended immersion and participation in the processes in very diverse settings and spaces of the revolution. The panel addresses a broad range of theoretical and practical questions and issues, such as: the nature and the relationships of different forms of popular participation, the organised society and the state; the contestations over spaces and institutions within the national, as well as across scales in the inter- and transnational construction of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America; methodologically, based on the different forms of critical political ethnography conducted by the presenters in the respective localities, the panel seeks to explore how local revolutionary practices in Venezuela and elsewhere in the emergent Latin American and Caribbean region (LAC) (and beyond) can be linked up with regional and global transformatory processes in the attempt to advance a transdisciplinary, counter-hegemonic globalisation research agenda and methodology.


THOMAS PURCELL (University of Manchester): ‘The Landlord State and Socialism for the 21st Century: A Marxian Approach to Venezuelan Development’

DARIO AZZELLINI (Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany / BUAP, Mexico): ‘Revolution as Process: The Permanency of Constituent Power and the Resignification of the State’

MAURA DUFFY (University of Manchester): ‘Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution: Power to the People?’

RAFAEL RAMOS (Universidad Nacional Experimental de las Artes): ‘El poder del pueblo en participación’

LUCIA MICHELUTTI (University of Oxford): ‘Post-secular Socialism? Religion and Identity Politics in Hugo Chávez’s Revolutionary Venezuela’

HAZEL MARSH (University of East Anglia): ‘La cultura es el pueblo: Bolivarian Cultural Policy’

LIBIA VILLAZANA: ‘From Cultural Politics to a Politicised Culture? La República Bolivariana de Venezuela and its Audiovisual Cultural Revolution’

MARIYA IVANCHEVA (Central European University, Hungary): ‘Chronicle of a Death Foretold: Protest Generation/s at a Revolutionary University’

ANDRÉS OTALVARO (University of Cologne, Germany): ‘Misiones Bolivarianas, Class Struggle and Transnationalization Processes: Battles and Social Conquests in Contemporary Venezuela’

MAITE ITURRE (University of Basque Country / University of Oxford): ‘Venezuela-led Initiatives: New Times for Energy Cooperation in Latin America?’

PEDRO DOS REIS NUNES (University of Coimbra, Portugal / University of La Republica, Uruguay): ‘Redefining Regional Security Complexes in the Western Hemispheres: Adapting Buzan and Wæver to Bolivar and Martí’

MIEKE LOPES CARDOZO and JESSE STRAUSS (University of Amsterdam): ‘Education for Plurinationalism? Understanding Regional Processes of Progressive Social Change through Bolivia’s Proposed Education Reform’

University of Bristol