Global and Transnational Sociology Summer School

Block II June 27 - July 07, 2022 (10 - 14 Uhr, 10 am - 2 pm)

Contemporary Global Social Movements

Dario Azzellini, Ph.D.


Course Description

The course rewiews major issues concerning new and contemporary global social movements and their core charasteristics. At the center of course are the movements that emerged with the crisis 2008 and after (square movements/Occupy, women´s and feminist movements, BLM, climate justice, workers´movements during the Covid-19 pandemic and movements in the global South). The course will discuss different approaches in social movement theory. It will analyze movements that can be considered precursors regarding content and practices of the social movements (for example the "anti-representational" movements in Latin America since the mid-1990s). The course will discuss shared characteristics and differences among the new global movements and compared to earlier social movements. These changes will be contextualized in an analysis of changing political and cultural circumstances (e. g, crisis of representation) and of new practices (non-representationaldemocracy, direct action...) and perspectives of social movements.

Institut für Soziologie. Gesellschaftswissenschaften. Universität Duisburg-Essen | Duisburg | Germany