Self-Organization and Self-Education in Venezuela

Self-Organization and Self-Education in Venezuela
Essay in: The Second World Congress of Free Artists. In Three Acts. 239-242.

Autor: Dario Azzellini, Oliver Ressler
Publisher: Aarhus: Camel Collective/Kunsthal Aarhus.
Seiten: 5

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We have organized a Congress here. Why? What reason can there be for artists, the freest, most independent people in society; people who live like "the lily of the field", to come together, organize themselves, and undertake theoretical discussions?> -Asger Jorn (1956)

This is a research project that culminated in a six-hour theatrical performance building upon the First World Congress organized in Alba, Italy, in 1956 by Asger Jorn and Pinot Gallizio among others. The Aarhus performance marks a collaboration with six actors and over 30 writers in the performance of original scripts that offer assessment and analysis of the political conditions of artistic higher education, classroom power relations, and the inherent tensions between audience and performer.

The Second World Congress of Free Artists, Aarhus included the following texts:

Camel Collective (DK/US/MX): Opening Speech; Mirene Arsanios (LB): The Banyan Tree; UKK (DK): Young Art Workers' Speech at the Second World Congress of Free Artists; The YES! Association(SE): We Will Open a New Front II - lecture by Lee H. Jones; Benj Gerdes and Jenn Hayashida (US/SE): Slow People; Colin Lang (US): An Imagined Bauhaus; Ditte Lyngkaer Pedersen (DK): Dear Patient Listener; Sande Cohen (US/TH): Best Wishes to Artists and Intellectuals; Zachary Cahill (US): Art, Pedagogy: A Small Compact; Eduardo Abaroa (MX): A Brief Account of Didactic Curiosities; Javier Toscano (MX): On Critical Boredom; Ashley Hunt (US): Dictatorship of an Audience; Johannes Raether (DE): Towards an Academy of the Future: A Few Monstrous Thoughts by Ari Godwin Kollontai-Hartz; Temporary Institute For Witchpower (DE): REFUSE - RE-FUSE - RE-FUSE; Michael Ashkin (US): were it not for the price of desertion; Andrea Creutz with Sebastien Berthier and Shirin Sabahi (SE): The Parties to this Convention: When capitalism and the academy follow the same impetus, only a disruptive silence can stop the machine from running amok; Anthony Davies, Nils Norman, and Howard Slater (UK): Suspended Vocation By Movement of the 20th October 2010; Carlos Motta (CO/US): A Message on Pedagogy and the Liberation of the Spirit; Sean Dockray (Public School) (US): An Escape Act; Mónica Castillo (MX): Volkerball; Rum46 (DK): Just (a) Dictionary of a Few Ordinary Thoughts: Validation and Disruption of the Collective; Mary Walling Blackburn (Anhoek School) (US): Odor is Speech; Dario Azzellini and Oliver Ressler (AT/IT): Self-Organization and Self-Education in Venezuela; Sarina Basta, Karin Schneider, and Simone Leigh (US/EG): When the Southern Cross the Dog; C. Krydz Ikwuemesi (NG): Art Training in Nigeria and the PhD Syndrome; Miklos Erhardt (HU): Would the Situationists Teach Art?; Eva Egermann and Elka Krasny (AT): To Make Demands Towards Education: The Things We Have Learned...; J. Morgan Puett: Mildred's Lane, Pensylvannia; Eva Diaz (US): Whither Curatorial Studies?; Sam Gould/Red76 (US): Flatlands: Non-Hierarchical Space and Its Uses; Flo Maak (DE): Declaration of Dependence; Stephan Dillemuth (DE): El Arduo camino hacia el conocimiento.

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"Modifications," Aarhus Arts Building, Aarhus, Denmark, 2010