Left Forum 2011 - panels with Dario Azzellini

Panels with Dario Azzellini on the Left Forum 2011


E. Panel Session 2—Saturday 12:00 p.m. – 1:50 p.m., W616

•    The International Civil Observation of Human Rights in Latin America and its Social Dimension

In line with the subject of solidarity, the phenomena of international civil observation of human rights is a very important instrument for the protection of human rights by concerned people. At the symposia we want to discover what alternative developed through the international civil observation of human rights as the antidote to executive power of security politics, the growth of violence and drug wars and as a substitution for the limits of state, national, and international human rights organizations. In this context we want to occupy with the impunity of human rights violations and the criminalization of social protests. Also important is the theme of the relation between violation of human rights and land grabbing processes. Last, we want to analyze the correlation between protection of human rights and social emancipation in conflict regions in Latin America, like Mexico and Colombia.

o    Raina Zimmering–Institute of Sociology at University of Johannes Kepler

o    Dario Azzellini–WorkingUSA, Institute of Sociology at University of Johannes Kepler

o    Helene Roux—Institute for Study of Economical and Social Development, U. of Paris

o    Josefina Echavaria–54 ICA/MA in Peace Studies at Universities of Vienna/Innsbruck

o    Julia Reschauer–Center for Global University Cooperation, Johannes Kepler University



L. Panel Session 5—Sunday 10:00 a.m. – 11:50 a.m., LHS

•    Venezuela and the Chavez Government: Advances and Shortcomings

Venezuela is going through a crucial period right now because it is emerging from a two-year recession and President Chavez and his allies have won only narrow electoral victories since the loss of a 2007 constitutional reform referendum. In addition, after 12 years in power there is a certain erosion of enthusiasm among rank and file Chavistas. Chavez is up for reelection in 2012, which will be one of his most critical contests yet. The speakers on this panel will explore what is currently going on in Venezuela, in terms of the advances and the shortcomings of the Chavez government and they will thereby try to make sense of where Venezuela has been and where it is heading.

o    Dario Azzellini—Johannes Kepler Universität, Austria

o    Isabel Delgado—Ministry of Basic Industries and Mines, Venezuela

o    Mark Weisbrot—Center for Economic and Policy Research

o    Steve Ellner—Universidad del Oriente

o    T.M. Scruggs - University of Iowa / Independent Scholar

Sponsored by: VenezuelAnalysis.com




E329, O. Panel Session 7—Sunday 3:00 p.m. – 4:50 p.m.

•    Worker Control and Factory Occupations, Global South and North

The past decade has witnessed a dramatic expansion in worker factory occupations with a range of goals, including the creation of worker self management and control with the goal of bringing greater democracy to the economic decisions that directly affect their lives. The panel examines recent factory occupations and efforts to establish worker control, evaluating a range of opportunities and impediments. How resilient is the worker control movement and the expanding defiance of capital and the state?

o    Dario Azzellini—Johann Kepler University

o    Immanuel Ness–Working USA: The Journal of Labor and Society

o    James Gray Pope—Rutgers University Law School

o    Kari Lydersen—Journalist and Author

o    Marina Sitrin—SUNY Old Westbury

o    Peter Knowlton—United Electrical Workers

Sponsored by: Working USA: The Journal of Labor and Society


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