How to organize locally and nationally - Building horizontal organizational structures: The example of FelS and the IL in Germany

Why organize on a higher level? How to avoid or reduce informal power structures? Who is organizing? What structure is helpful in order to organize beyond certain social strata and age? What have been successes and failures in the organizing process?

Marcus Graetsch and Dario Azzellini have been long time activists in Berlin. They will share their experiences of organization and coordination as local group (FelS, about 80 activists) and as a nation wide coordination structure (the IL with some 800 activists).

FelS (For a leftist current, is a collective founded in Berlin in 1991.

FelS helped to build the IL (Interventionist Left, a network of 23 different collectives and magazines all over Germany.

The idea for the discussion is to share what kind of organizational processes could consolidate and increase movement activities in the US.

Lugar de celebración:
Cuny Graduated Center, room 5109 | 535 E 80th St | New York, NY 10075 | USA