What Next, Venezuela? A Roundtable Discussion in Real Time

*What Next, Venezuela?  A Roundtable Discussion in Real Time*

As President, Hugo Chavez loomed larger than life, stirring hope and
controversy while helping to change the political trajectory of
Venezuela and Latin America. His death raises pressing and difficult
questions: what will become of his political project at home? What are
the prospects for regional integration in his wake? How will the US
respond to a post-Chavez landscape? Participate in a discussion about
these and other questions as we consider what Chavez's death means for
Venezuela, the region, and beyond.


Atenea Gimenez, Red de Comunas (Venezuela)

Steve Ellner, Universidad de Oriente (Venezuela)

Dario Azzellini, Johannes Kepler Universität

Fred Rosen, North American Congress on Latin America

Naomi Schiller, Temple University


Alejandro Velasco, New York University

Sponsored by the Gallatin /Journal of Global Affairs/, the North
American Congress on Latin America, and the Center For Latin American
and Caribbean Studies at NYU.

Lugar de celebración:
Auditorium at the King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center | 53 Washington Square South, 1st Floor | New York, NY 10012 | USA